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tough economy. all voters know that. >> i say both sides get exactly what they want here. president can cite his case and governor romney can cite his. i don't think it is any different than it was three, four, five months ago, frankly. >>> let's talk about mayor michael bloomberg's decision to proceed with the new york marathon sunday. it is continuing to stir up controversy on concerns it is going to divert resources away from the rescue and recovery. is the backlash justified? >> don't get me started on this, tyler. i was this morning at a midtown hotel being forced to check out with my daughters and my wife. we don't have power. we don't have electricity or hot water downtown manhattan. we're being forced to check out because all the joggers were coming to the hotel. now i don't have anything against the runners themselves. i just think there are families in new york that still need hotel rooms because we don't have a place to live tonight. but the runners are getting those rooms. i just think that's a bad allocation of resources. not just for me but for other families as well. >> m
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1